2 Lava 2 Lantula! (2016) is a Syfy original made for TV disaster film, the second spin-off of the Sharknado film series and direct sequel to Lavalantula.

In July 2015, after the premiere of Lavalantula, a sequel was announced set for summer 2016. No cast members have been announced to return yet, though the plan is to bring them all back.[1]


Colton West returns to once again battle gigantic, lava-breathing tarantulas.


[!?action=edit&section=2 Some shit happens. .]


  • Steve Guttenberg -as- Colton West
  • Michele Weaver -as- Raya West
  • Michael Winslow -as- Marty
  • Marion Ramsey -as- Teddie
  • Jimmy Bellinger -as- Kyle
  • Lorynn York -as- Daniella
  • Noah Hunt -as- Wyatt West
  • RJ Walker -as- TJ
  • Erron Jay -as- Brick
  • Raymond Forchion -as- Hal
  • June Carryl -as- Elizabeth
  • Danny Woodburn -as- Arni
  • Martin Kove -as- Colonel Jester
  • Leslie Garbett -as- Casey
  • Marcus Brown -as- Will



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