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April Shepard nee Wexler, is a main character in the Sharknado film series.


April is Fin's wife.

She died at the end of the 3rd movie but was brought back to life by her dad between the 3rd and the 4th movie but her family did not know about it till the middle of the 4th movie.

Wilford reconstructed April into a cyborg to save her life

In the final movie, the human April returns, having been rescued from the falling debris by a time traveling Gil Sheppard. Her cyborg head also remains animated throughout the film and helps fight the Sharknados. An insane future version of cyborg April acts as the main enemy of the final part of the film before being destroyed by cyborg April's disembodied head while riding in the mouth of a shark. By activating her self-destruct in the middle of the time storm, April is able to reset time, causing the Sharknados to never happen.

In the new timeline, April remains married to Fin and they prepare to move to Kansas together. Pregnant with Gil, April's water breaks and all of her friends and family rush her to the hospital.


She has 3 kids with Fin 2 boys and a girl. Her kids are Matt , Claudia , and Gill.

Her dad is Wilford.



I’m many things but I’m not a human helicopter