Archie vs Sharknado 001
Archie vs. Sharknado is a 2015 comic book / movie crossover written by Anthony C. Ferrante and illustrated by Dan Parent. Featuring the classic and iconic "Archie" character and his friends along with elements from the Sharknado film series, the story is concurrent with the plot of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!.

Archie vs. Sharknado hit stands right before the film's premiere in July of 2015.

Official descriptionEdit

It's that time of year in Riverdale! The end of the school year. Time for beaches, barbecues, fun in the sun and... SHARKNADOS!?! That's right, get ready as Archie and the gang brave the storm of a tornado full of sharks that rips off the pop culture phenomenon known as Sharknado! The story unfolds as sharknados are spotted on the “Feast” Coast! Our heroines have to figure out how to get back to Riverdale, where the storm is about to hit next. Soon Archie and the gang go, go, go as they battle the Sharknado-ravaged Riverdale! Who will live? Who will die? Will this take a BITE out of the end-of-the-year prom? Uh....probably![1]

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