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"There's nothing to figure out. There's nothing to talk about. As long as you have a beating heart, I'm gonna love you." -Fin says she will love April forever despite her being a cyborg
Fin and April is a romantic relationship in the "Sharknado" saga, portrayed by Ian Ziering and Tara Reid

First engagement Edit

During the saga we understand that before the first marriage, Fin and April met when they were young and when April was a cheerleader.

The first date of Fin and April was in a New York pizzeria.

First marriage Edit

Fin and April got married before the start of the film and in their years together they made two sons: Matthew Shepard and Claudia Shepard

Divorce Edit

Given the fame as a surfer, Fin begins to neglect his family, then April decides to separate from him and divorce.

April stays with the sons staying in the house and she gets engaged with a man named Collin while Fin continues to surf in the company of his best friend Baz Hogan and runs a beach bar: "Fin".

The divorce of Fin and April continues throughout the movie "Sharknado, Enough Said"

Sharknado (Enough Said!) Edit

In Los Angeles there is a hurricane warning and Fin, worried about his children and his ex-wife, calls April.

During the call we can understand that Fin is still interested in his ex-wife as he tries to joke and make her understand that he wants to rescue she and Claudia (Fin thinks Matt is in Tampa with his friends) while April, having also a new boyfriend, she's not interested in talking to Fin but she appreciates the fact that he cares about her and Claudia.

"When did you go back using Wexler again?"
In a hard-fought conversation, Fin offers to go get her and their daughter but April refuses, saying that they are safe and does not need his help, also because there is Collin.

He then asks to have Claudia for his week of the month but April refuses saying that Claudia will go to him as always on the 20th of the month.

Then April closes the phone in Fin's face and he gets angry.

After Fin's bar is flooded and attacked by the sharks he decides to go and take April and Claudia with Baz, George, a bar customer and Nova, his employee who has a crush on him.

During the trip the group loses George, eaten by the sharks on the highway but still manages to get to the old house of Fin, where he lives April, who does not know that Fin is coming.

Baz does not miss the opportunity to provoke Fin that now at his house, with April, there is Collin (he hates April's new boyfriend) and Fin says he does not remember it

"It's awfully nice of you to let her new boyfriend stay in your house."
Arrived at the house of April, she is not happy to see he on the door of her house and first asks who is the girl who accompanies Fin, making her pass for a stripper, and also asks what has been done Baz (was bitten on one leg from a shark a few hours before while it was in a jet boat). He tells her that "her Fin" has saved him but she replies that Fin is no longer his.

Fin would like to enter the house to take shelter and take Claudia but April does not let him enter that he did not want him to come but when Nova is forced to use the shotgun to kill a shark that came out of a manhole April let them in and Nova tells her that she is not a stripper. A relationship of hatred begins between the two mainly because of Nova's crush on Fin.

As soon as Fin enters the house calls Claudia, who is upstairs, but April tells his that she does not want to see him.

Claudia appears anyway but asks her father what he is doing there and he adds that he does not want to come with him.

After a discussion of a few seconds appears Collin, April's boyfriend who immediately challenges Fin saying that April is his but April gets angry with Collin for what he said and Fin seems surprised and happy.

Collin remedies what he said stating that by now April is his girlfriend and is no longer affair of Fin, and not being 20 of the month, not even Claudia.

April asks Collin to be kinder with Fin, who is only worrying about her and her daughter.

Collin states that they are safe in that house but when he goes to see out of the window he is overwhelmed by so much water, he asks for help to Fin because a shark has arrived, but despite Fin help him, only the foot remains of Collin

When Fin starts fighting with the shark to let the others out, April worries and calls him.

Despite everything, Fin manages to get out, waited by the group near the car and manage to escape before the house explodes.

Finish driving and look at the destroyed home from a distance while April from the back seat looks at him displeased. These are the first signs of the new interest between the two.

While they are in the car Nova reloads the shotgun in a provocative way and Fin admits that when he does so it is very sexy provoking April's jealous reaction that looks they badly from the back seat.

The crew decides to go and get Matt, the eldest son, who, unlike the way they had told Fin, is at a flight school in Van Huys. Fin gets angry with April and Claudia at the fact that they lied to them and says he have the right to know these things.

April gets angry with Fin when he decides to save children in a school bus surrounded by water and sharks that swimming, saying that his problem is just what matters to he more than others than his family and reminds he that they have to save Matt. However, he go to save the children.

After the work, after risking death, is embraced by Nova, which as we remember has a crush on him but April looks at them very badly and as soon as he sees she so he stops hugging Nova and lowers his head.

As soon as they have to leave Fin and April see two tornadoes and they wonder what sharks do in them.

So he takes April by the arm and takes her to the car, ready to leave.

On the way to Van Nuys Fin is injured in the left hand by a shark who had entered the car and later. As soon as they arrived in a shop, after the car broke out, April worried about his hand buy and some bandages to medicate he but when In the new car, April wraps him around and tells her that the scar will remain he keeps joking with Nova about the fact that women like scars and April, like the first time, looks at them jealously.

After finding Matt the group goes to stock up on arms to fight the "Sharknado" and when Fin goes to the chainsaws April follows him.

He asks her if she can use a chainsaw and she answers yes.

When Matt proposes to go with the helicopter to throw the bombs into the tornadoes to turn them off Fin and April say no for fear that the son will die.

When Nova proposes to accompany Matt April he says: "Then definitely not" showing again the antipathy that April has towards Nova.

When Matt explains to his father that he was the one to help others Fin gives up and tries to convince April that she does not agree yet but when Matt tells her she can not stop him April tells Fin that Matt is stubborn just like him.

"He certainly is your son"
In a conversation between Claudia and Fin, the daughter admits that her problem is her father and asks to know what is going on between him and April (the two are approaching again).

Finally she complains that the two parents think of Matt first of she but Fin reminds her that the first he came to save is her.

This conversation breaks a bit the tension between the two.

Matt and Nova go by helicopter to launch the bombs necessary to turn off the tornadoes but before turning off the third Nova is swallowed by a shark.

Meanwhile, when Baz is carried away by the wind, Fin tries to save him, but April stops him saying that it is too late.

Matt comes back down without Nova then, to stop the third tornado, Fin takes the car full of bombs and throws it into the tornado and exits before the vehicle enters the vortex.

Seeing the explosion April and Claudia despair believing that Fin was in that car but when they see him running towards them Claudia runs to meet him in turn but he screams to run away, in fact, as soon as he gets to her, he moves and then enters with the chainsaw in a shark that was about to eat she.

April and the sons are desperate when they see the shark on the ground with Fin in the belly but after he outing thanks to the chainsaw with Nova, still alive that had been eaten by the same shark, April and Claudia help.

At the end of the movie April kisses Fin.

The two return together and Fin embraces his ex-wife and daughter saying a sentence:

"Hell of a day"

Second engagement Edit

Sharknado 2 (The Second One) Edit

After the kiss in the end of the first Sharknado, April and Fin get together again but the producers do not specify if they come back to live together and where (the previous house was destroyed by water in the first movie).

The two now are trying to stay together and are engaged.

In the first scenes of "Sharknado 2" they are sitting on the plane and after that April tells Fin that they are almost in New York, he smiles at her, April shakes his hand and after they look for several seconds.

In the scene of the hands you can see that April brings the marriage ring back of Fin by highlighting the fact that they are back together.

Later the hostess of the plane asks Fin to autograph the book "How to survive at Sharknado" but he says that he wrote April and then the hostess asks the same thing to April who hastily signs with "April Wexler" for not to do it to see Fin but he notices and looks at the worried emptiness (he would like her to write "April Shepard").

After this episode the two talk about the fame of Fin for having turned off the Sharknado in Los Angeles but he admits he does not love this fame and when April reminds his that when they were still married he did not bother the fame he had as a surfer but Fin he tells her that that was different.

Then April reassures him that this will be just a holiday (even if April has to go to present the book) but that joke on the fact that Fin must see her sister's husband in New York with whom he has tensions since they were young because Martin (the brother-in-law) married Ellen (sister)

When Fin on the plane starts to feel bad having seen out of the sharks window, April reassures him but can not calm him down.

During the attack of the sharks to the plane April loses his left hand (the one with the ring) while Fin makes the plane land (the pilots are dead) saving a lot of people.

Arrived in New York, April is rushed to the hospital and Fin runs near the stretcher stroking her cheek and telling her that everything will be fine and that she should not give up.

After the nurses tell Fin to wait in the waiting room he sits down and puts his hands in his hair, evidently worried about April's condition.

Later, Fin is still sitting waiting when a nurse calls him with a "Mr. Wexler" but he says he is "Shepard" because he is divorced from April and then asks how his ex wife is. The nurse tells his that the woman will recover well thanks to the prosthesis and bring he to her.

When April wakes up he's there with her and greets her with a "Hey Baby" and caressing her cheek.

April is surprised and greets him with a: "Fin".

He repeats it like when she was taken to the operating room that everything will be fine but April shows his concern that it no longer has her hand but Fin caresses she by sending a look of reassurance.

April tells Fin how she lost her hand and added that the shark that ate her hand seemed to know who she was but Fin told her that if the shark had known who she was it would have escaped and smiled at her.

April asks Fin why he married her and he replies telling her that she accepted him even if it was full of flaws but she never imported it, she loved him anyway. Then he reassures her by telling her that this hand accident will overtake him together.

At phone call with his sister, who is now at the statue of liberty with her daughter, where she asks Fin to go to recover Martin (brother-in-law) and son Brody at the stadium and after taking the ticket from April's bag and having having ascertained that he could leave his ex-wife with the hospital staff, he accepted and decided to meet with his sister later at the hotel where he and April were staying.

Before going he tells April to be careful but she tells her that she should tell it him. Fin smiles and kisses her softly and then rushes to pick up the boys.