Lavalantula: Lava Spider is an upcoming american 2018 horror video game based on Lavalantula Films. It follows the story of protagonist Colton West (Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez).

  • Developer 
  • Nexus Game Studios
  • Starring
  • Phillip Anthony Rodriguez
  • Brittany Curran
  • J. Paul Boehmer
  • Michael Winslow
  • Hana Hayes
  • Ashley Bell
  • Behdad Sami
  • Justin Mortelliti
  • Dallas McKinnon
  • Cinzia Massironi
  • Mikhail Yuryevich Tikhonov
  • Michael McConnohie
  • Rand Miller
  • Xander Mobus
  • Lauri Hendler
  • David Franklin
  • Platforms
  • IOS, PS4, PS3 and Steam
  • Release Date
  • January 14 2018
  • ====Plot====
  • Mission 1 Colton West (Phillip Anthony Rodriguez) meets with Olivia West (Brittany Curran) to know what will happen if time goes too far out. Colton and Olivia has a group of lava spiders and then Colton kills the lava spiders with Olivia and then follows her to a alley. Colton and Olivia are approached by a lavalantula boss named Lava Spider Crispy (David Franklin) who is going to find out on it and then Colton and Olivia makes sure that he flies to a volcano home. Colton takes Olivia home. Colton and Olivia walk into a house to cool down. Mission 2 Colton tells Olivia that this is hard work to do so. Colton goes to his car. Colton drives to Hollywood. Colton has a group of lava spiders and then he kills them. Colton agrees. Colton leaves Hollywood. Colton drives to the store to meet Olivia West and then Lava Spider Crispy arrives and then Colton tells him to not do this. Mission 3 Colton tells Olivia West about paying business. Colton goes to to the porch. At the porch Colton finds a group of 4 lava spiders and a gang cult leader named Feodor Edwin (Joseph Tudisco) arrives to find out on Colton and then he kills the 4 lava spiders. Colton fights and then kills Feodor Edwin who no longer wants the group on him. Colton leaves his house. Colton goes to a cafe and then he meets Chris (J. Paul Boehmer) who is a tourist. Mission 4 At the cafe Colton is in the meeting with Chris to know how things go in the right way. Colton walks through the city. Colton meets a film crew named Marty (Michael Winslow) who feels like he needs the behavior to be sensitive to him so that he will not worry about anything. Colton leaves Marty to work. Colton gets into the car. Colton drives to his house and then speaks to Olivia West. Mission 5 At the cafe meet Colton is talked by Chris about how the job is going and then Colton makes him answer the question. In the cafe alley Colton picks up the form. Colton takes the form with him. Colton tells Marty about that. Colton goes to the surf shop. Colton meets Teddie (Hana Hayes). Mission 6 At the surf shop Colton is visited by Teddie that something will go right or not and then Colton makes sure to remember. Colton goes outside. Colton has a group of lava spiders flying through the air and then he defends Marty and then Colton and Marty kills the lava spiders flying through the air. Mission 7 During a meet Marty tells Colton to do one job. Colton goes to a laundromat. Colton meets a laundromat employee named Joseph Scott (Brian Sommer) who is helping him clean. Colton cleans the dryer to avoid a dryer fire. Colton tells Joseph Scott to see you later. Colton meets again with Teddie. Mission 8 Colton is told by Teddie to give a pink slip. Colton goes outside. Colton goes to the nightclub. Colton has a group of lava spiders inside and then Colton kills them. Colton leaves then nightclub. Colton gets to Teddie and then Teddie closes the door in order to avoid spiders from getting in and then Teddie shoots the spiders that broke in. Colton goes into the employees door to meet an ex-stunt man named Pirate Jack (Behdad Sami) in order to help him and then Lava Spider Crispy gets in and then Pirate Jack tells him to leave. Mission 8 During a meet with Pirate Jack Colton tells Pirate Jack the right question on why to not cross the line. Colton tells Pirate Jack to keep that in mind. Colton goes to the yard. In the yard Colton picks up the tax for Pirate Jack. Colton takes the tax back to Pirate Jack. Pirate Jack tells Colton thank you for giving me the tax. Mission 9 Colton is told by Pirate Jack that he has been through alot of countries in LA. Colton is instructed by Pirate Jack to give back the film camera. Colton goes to a film industry. Colton takes the camera back to Pirate Jack. Mission 10 Colton is told by Pirate Jack to track down the spiders destroying the computer. Colton drives to a computer store. Colton has a group of lava spiders outside and then Colton kills them. In the computer store Colton kills and attacks the spider and then the computer drops. Colton goes back to Pirate Jack. Mission 11 Teddie and Pirate Jack tells Colton to move ahead. Colton picks up a ticket. Colton takes the ticket to Olivia. Colton thanks Olivia about the ticket and then Marty tells Colton it's good to see you again. Colton goes to the square to meet Olivia and Marty again. Mission 12 Olivia instructs Colton to do his job and meet a hobby. Colton goes to the lobby. At the lobby Colton goes to the shopping center in the mall. Colton goes to the Sears in the mall. Colton meets Arni (Justin Mortelliti). Mission 13 During a mall conference Colton is told by Arni to trim stuff down. Colton goes to the tool shop. Colton picks up the tool. Colton has a group of lava spiders on him and then Colton kills them. Colton tells Lava Spider Crispy to stay there. Colton takes the tool back to Arni. Mission 14 Colton is told by Arni to do a right job. Colton goes to the job center. Colton picks up a laptop. Colton takes the laptop back to Arni. Arni tells Colton thank you. Mission 15 Arni tells Colton to clean up the mess. Colton goes to a management office. At the management office Colton is chased by lava spiders and then Colton kills them. Colton reaches the office. In the office Colton meets Ricky Daniels (Dallas McKinnon) to help him do a job in the correct way. Mission 16 During a office meeting Ricky tells Colton about the job. Colton goes outside. Colton picks up the glass. Colton uses the glass bottle and then the lava spiders crawl up to him and then Colton kills them. Colton takes the glass bottle to Ricky. In the office Colton knows that Ricky is busy with Olivia and then Colton walks outside and then he tells Arni about the day. Mission 17 Colton is told by Ricky to do a job and then Olivia is busy right now with Ricky. Colton goes to Taco Bell. Colton buys a soda and then drinks it. Colton walks out of Taco Bell. Colton brings the burger to Ricky. Mission 18 Colton gives the cheeseburger to Ricky and then Colton uses a coocoo clock to make Olivia leave and then Colton gives the cheeseburger to Ricky. Colton gets a call from Olivia about how it's going. Colton goes to the gas station. Colton meets Olivia at a gas station to expierence about things. Colton leaves the gas station and then tells Olivia bye. Colton gets a phone call from Pirate Jack and then Colton gets to his house before it burns. Mission 19 Colton meets Pirate Jack, Arni, Teddie and Marty along with Chris to know what is happening. Colton gets a flashlight from Pirate Jack. Colton goes inside his safehouse. In Colton's house Colton searches for Olivia and then Olivia tells Colton that his house is ready to burn down by lava spiders and then the lava spiders burn them down with Lava Spider Crispy and then they burn Colton's house down and then Lava Spider Crispy leaves. Colton and Olivia stay low and then Colton shoots and kills the lava spiders. Colton and Olivia evacuate the house. Colton and Olivia has a group of lava spiders and then Colton kills them with Olivia. Colton and Olivia meets Ricky Daniels to know what will happen and then Ricky gets into the car and then they meet Meghan (Cinzia Massioroni) to know what is happening in the wrong way and then Colton tells Meghan time to get a new house. Colton is told by Meghan okay I will get you one. Colton goes with Meghan home to his new house. Pirate Jack tells Colton OK have a good night sleep. Colton goes into his house. In Colton's new house Colton goes to bed to sleep. Colton goes to sleep.


Missions in Lavalantula: Lava Spider