Jenny Lynn "Nova" Clarke, portrayed by Cassie Scerbo, is a main character in the Sharknado film series.


Nova acts as Fin's partner throughout most of the movies in fighting the Sharknados. She hates sharks because her grandfather was killed by one when she was a little girl.

In The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time, Nova is revealed to have been rescued by the time traveling Gil and transported to dinosaur times. Nova joins Fin, April, Brian and Skye in an attempt to change the future. She time travels to 1997 and attempts to save her grandfather, discovering in the process that she herself was responsible for the boat crash that forced her grandfather into the water where he was killed by sharks. Nova is eaten by the sharks, but Fin is able to save her younger self and her grandfather. During this time, its revealed that Nova's real name is Jenny Lynn with Nova being a nickname that her grandfather had given her.

In the new timeline, Nova is alive and loves sharks as with her grandfather having never died, she had no reason to grow to hate them. She is also going to college thanks to a loan from Fin and April.



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