Sergeant Roberta Warren, portrayed by Kellita Smith, makes a cameo appearance in Sharknado 3. "Lieutenant" Roberta Warren is a main protagonist in the SyFy original series Z-Nation, as is Steven who appears in Sharknado 5.


Roberta Warren is a sergeant in the National Guard who appears to be stationed at Charleston Air Force Base Located in The City of North Charleston, South Carolina. It is unclear whether she is permanently stationed at Charleston, or only temporarily under emergency circumstances.

In the SyFy series Z-Nation, she identifies herself as a Lieutenant in the National Guard - activated out of Missouri, but her location at an Air Force installation in Sharknado 3 indicates that she may in fact be a member of the Air National Guard, rather than the Army National guard as presumed in the series.

Post-Sharknado 3, she is a survivor and de-facto leader of the Westward-bound survivor group. Like many other survivors, Warren lost nearly everything and everyone that mattered to her in the zombie apocalypse.



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Sharknado 3Edit

  • Roberta: "I really hate Sharks." Lucas Stevens: "Could be worse. Could be zombies..."


  • (upon discovering a "Z-nado") Charles: "Is that what I think?" Roberta: "They ain't sharks!"


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