Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness (2015) is a mockumentary film written and directed by Jeremy Wagener, and produced by Sharknado film series producer David Michael Latt.


Discover the untold story of David Moore, the filmmaker who first dreamed of “sharks in a tornado” and brought on disaster by using real sharks. The first SHARKNADO was to be a movie never seen, a crime never reported, a tale never told. Until now.[1]


  • Jared Cohn -as- David Moore
  • Zack Ward -as- Zack
  • Julie McCullough -as- Julie
  • Rachel True -as- Rachel
  • James Cullen Bressack -as- James
  • Susie Butler -as- David's Mom
  • Hitoshi Inoue -as- Chin
  • Jonah Keel -as- Daniel
  • Curtis Kingsley -as- Curtis
  • Scotty Mullen -as- Scotty
  • Meghan Deanna Smith -as- Meghan
  • William Voorhees -as- Bill
  • Tim Crowe -as- Himself
  • Joseph J. Lawson -as- Himself
  • David Michael Latt -as- Himself
  • Paul Bales -as- Himself
  • Thomas P. Vitale -as- Himself
  • Jeremy Wagener -as- Himself



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  1. Official description from The Asylum